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The Hype of Post Summer Resolutions

We all began 2022 with some ideas how it would develop for us, what we would accomplish - personally and professionally.

Few have already reached all their goals. Many are still working on them. And a hopefully smaller group are only thinking about starting the process of making their New-Year resolutions a reality. On top, the world around us is so dynamic that for many people the context what was valid at the beginning of 2022 has transformed massively due to new circumstances. Shall I mention the wars, inflation, racing energy prices, geopolitical and climate uncertainties to name a few…?

Changed circumstances require a review of the goals. Enter Post Summer Resolutions - #PSR. This is your invitation to join the #PSR and make the best of the last quarter of the year.

There is a natural “su-su-summertime, summertime sadness” at the end of the holiday period. We could use a lift to harness the holiday energy built by meeting new people, visiting new places, trying new activities during the days away from work.

The beginning of September is a perfect time to remind ourselves: There is no need to wait for the end of 2022 to start working on a better YOU with New-Year Resolutions. The #PSR or #PostSummerResolutions movements is our answer.

Set your #PSR2022 today and achieve more in 4 months that you imagined to take years.

Let’s go!

Victory Corners 2022, by Viktoriya V. Blazheva


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